I have some news :)

I’m so sorry for the lack of news and my silence, the past two years were indeed difficult for people all around the world, but personally it was also a period of time during which a lot of things in my life changed and I’m still trying to find the way out šŸ™‚

I’m also trying to be more active on media platforms and post more artwork as I did in the past!

Please note that I’ve moved my shop back to BigCartel: https://girlwithflaxenhair.bigcartel.com/

As you know, it’s getting more and more difficult to run a small business shop on Etsy (https://etsystrike.org/) and while arranging things I’ve thought about Big Cartel’s the best solution if you are looking for my illustrations for sale.

I leave you with an illustration I did for https://www.inveraritygallery.com/ online show ‘Big cat, Little cat’, now available on Big Cartel.

Thank you for your support!

Enchanted Forest Artbook

A WIP of one of the pieces Iā€™m working on for the Enchanted Forest art-book.

It will collect illustrations and tutorials by many amazing artists. It was such a lovely surprise to have been invited to join this project! It’s been long time since my latest collaboration on an art-book project, I feel happy and proud to be part of that amazing team! More info soon!