‘Japanese Maid and Western Maid’ exhibition at Gallery IYN Osaka

After a few years, I started showing my illustrations in galleries again! Between 2008 and 2014 I got the chance to participate in some group exhibitions, especially in US. But, in recent years I have preferred to focus on other projects.

To be honest, art market/art galleries seem to be very far from me and my feeling, although they were a great springboard in the past years.

Anyway, things change (luckily!). This is the first of some exhibitions at Gallery IYN Osaka, in which I will participate in 2021. I feel so lucky they give me the chance to show my work in Japan, in some way it’s a dream that come true! I posted some pictures taken at the Gallery, the owners were so nice to email me them since you know, because of the pandemic, it seems very hard to move outside your country, at the moment! I hope I’ll be able to visit Japan again in 2022 – fingers crossed!

In September, I will also have the opportunity to show my work at Gallery Inverarity, another of my favorite art galleries: the subjects of their exhibitions are always so interesting! More info soon!

Original of ‘Our Tea Leaves’ – the piece done for ‘Japanese Maid and Western Maid’ show is for sale.