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Sleeping Beauty, Fairies and Lore Book Project, 2020

Purple Eyes – The Enchanted Forest Art-book, 2018

‘Passati Ricordi’ Blythecon Milano, 2019

Swan Girl – The Enchanted Forest Art-book, 2018

Illustration for Factum Magazine, 2011

Wandering through an unknown path – ‘The Ultimate Fantasy’ art-show at LightGreyLab, 2018

Autumnal Sonata – Colors Art-Book, 2013

‘Colors’ – collaboration with Karan Debroy, 2017

Lovers – Le Cabaret Vert book cover, 2011

The Star – Apocalypse Tarot Project, 2013

Flora, ‘We are all Japanese’ event, 2011

King of Swords – 78Tarot Project, 2014

A Tale of Water and Magic, Aqualumina Art-book Project, 2015

The Victorian Circus – Coyote Mag, 2008

Bigness of Small Things – ‘Fées Divers’ mag, 2007

For Enchanted Dolls Tin Boxes, 2008

Garden of Delights – For Enchanted Dolls Tin Boxes, 2008

Hairpin, the Bees Knees Event 2014

Fragile, Alexi Era Gallery, 2017

Red Camellia, Alexi Era Gallery, 2017

Murdag, art trade with Stelari, 2015

Floating in a sweet lullaby – Sakura 2011 Exhibition, 2011

Collaboration with Turtle Child doll maker, 2013

Blue Ribbon – Art trade with nekranea, 2013

Something Strange and Deadly, a series of commissioned Art Cards based on a Steampunk novel by Susan Dennard, 2012

Forgotten Doll, Crawling Tunes Mag, 2008

Apus – Light Grey Lab, 2015

Little Mermaid – Gothology Mag, 2011

Cats and Flowers Tattoo for Princess Jem, 2015

La Dame Baroque, book cover, 2010

Anguana, Realm of Fantasy Mag, 2008

Audra, Realm of Fantasy Mag, 2008

The Harpy’s offspring – Gingerbread House Literary Mag, 2014

Reminescences, Collaboration with Audley, 2008

The Umbrella Waltz, based on a song by, 2008

Panel 01 of a short comic story in collaboration with Ken Young, 2009


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