The Enchanted Forest

I’m sorry for the lack of updates, I’m posting this entry surrounded by boxes – in the middle of a moving right now! – but the wi-fi connection finally works in the new house and, far too late, I can promote the Enchanted Forest Artbook! This is one of my ‘not-so-secret’ projects of 2018!

The Kickstarter is online and already funded during the first day of the campaign 😀
But, there are locked tiers to discover so please, share the project: all the artists involved worked so hard on the book content!
Link to Kickstarter:
Thank you!

Enchanted Forest Artbook

A WIP of one of the pieces I’m working on for the Enchanted Forest art-book.

It will collect illustrations and tutorials by many amazing artists. It was such a lovely surprise to have been invited to join this project! It’s been long time since my latest collaboration on an art-book project, I feel happy and proud to be part of that amazing team! More info soon!