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A couple of new original illustrations are for sale on my Etsy shop. It seems I’m in a blue/green mood :D

I’m updating the shop with new Originals for sale – also, some new cards available!

Few original illustrations for sale on Etsy.
I’m also running a Giveaway on my Twitter account at flaxenhairgirl_ !

‘Wandering through a unknown path’ – 35x45 cm

Ink and markers.

My piece for the ‘Ultimate Fantasy’ art-show at LightGreyArtLab Gallery. Opening 6/7 July.
Only one famed print available at their shop.

A WIP of one of the pieces I’m working on for the Enchanted Forest book. It will collect illustrations and tutorials by many amazing artists, I’m so happy I can collaborate with them on this book!

More info there:


I've joined #aprilfae art challenge by the wonderful artists Liselotte Eriksson and Naomi Nowak . I'm not sure I can create a piece of faerie art a day – this is actually my first whole illustrations in weeks… – but I absolutely adore the list and the artists behind the project ❤
April 02 – Titania
April 06 – Lady of the Lake
April 13 – Flora
All illustrations are for sale on my Etsy shop.