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A couple of new original illustrations are for sale on my Etsy shop. It seems I’m in a blue/green mood :D

I’m updating the shop with new Originals for sale – also, some new cards available!

Few original illustrations for sale on Etsy.
I’m also running a Giveaway on my Twitter account at flaxenhairgirl_ !

Until June 30th, I’m offering a 20% off discount on all items listed in my Etsy Shop.

Thank you!

A new illustration is available on my Etsy shop!
‘The Reader’, ink and watercolor. WIP shots on Tumblr and Flickr.

‘Daydreamer’ – markers and watercolor on paper. Original for sale on Etsy.
I wonder what she’s drinking… :)

Hello darlings!
I hope you all spent a wonderful Christmas with your family and all your dearest ones!
To me, the Holidays Season is that time of the year when I can relax, eat a lot and do silliness :) Of course, I also draw like crazy and here are two of the latest images I did.
The ink+watercolor painting is a portrait of Lavinia, one of my recent OC. I love her and I love painting her! That small illustration is also fo sale on my Etsy.
The marker illustration is a fan-art of Merida. Drawing Disney/Pixar fan-art is not actually my thing, but she’s such a great character! And, that drawing is also a sort of ‘return to my roots’ piece, I mean, markers and lot of grey with just a splash of color!
I hope you like them!

On the other hand, I’ve received few requests for commissioned images through the contact form of the site. I wrote back to every one but, in case you didn’t received my replies, feel free to contact me at:
girlwithflaxenhair AT hotmail.com

Thank you!

I painted some new illustrations based on ‘Young Witch/Witchsona’ theme and Lavinia, one of my new characters – I will soon post more info and illustrations about her! Hope you like them!
From left to right:
Falena (moth) – The Fox Spirits – Purple Crysanhemum – Madragora Spirit.

Some of those original illustrations are for sale. Visit my shop at: